Enhance and accelerate your clients' outcomes,
utilizing shared data about their relationships

Within the data lies the key to unlocking accelerated growth in couples counseling.

Reveal patterns

comparing details
in both points of view

Expedite healing

accessing historical
relationship data

Ignite transformation

in the person, the situation,
and the relationship

Embrace the insights data provides, for understanding the patterns and nuances can expedite healing, ignite transformation, and pave the way for lasting harmony.

And the service is always free for therapists.

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Invite individuals or couples

They will receive an email inviting them to share their Relationship Workout information with you

Compare grades

Gain a first perspective on each person’s point of view regarding how good the relationship is going by viewing their baseline grades

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View shared journal entries

Access your client’s shareable comments regarding the relationship to help gain better clarity regarding what’s going on for each partner

Compare client expectations

Identify if misaligned Must-Haves might be creating potential challenges in the relationship

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Compare client passions and convictions

Surface if potential disconnects on passions and convictions might be at the root of some drama

View potential sources of drama around the mind, anxiety, compatibility and partnership

Client points of view are further organized around the Relationship Workout 12-core areas

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How do you get started?

And invite your clients to share their Relationship Workout information with you

Clients will need a Pro Level Membership to participate

In the realm of couples counseling, data becomes the compass that navigates the path to accelerated growth. Embrace its insights, for within the numbers lies the power to expedite healing, enhance understanding, and forge a brighter future together.

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