Roni Maislish

Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Roni Maislish is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, working for 20 years on the psychological roots of emotional eating, food addiction and obesity. For more information about Roni’s therapeutic’s sessions, supervision, workshops and training program, contact him on Linkedin.

Shared Insights

Season 21: Men Navigating Strength, Vulnerability and Addictions with Roni Maizlish

In Season 21 of the Relationship Workout for Men podcast — Men Navigating Strength, Vulnerability, and Addictions with Roni Maislish — host Vince Vasquez and psychotherapist Roni Maislish delve into the complex journey of men navigating strength, vulnerability, and addictions. Through insightful discussions, they explore the psychological roots of emotional struggles, the impact of societal expectations, and the importance of purpose, presence, and supportive relationships in fostering healthier, more fulfilling lives.

A Guide to Season 21 with Roni Maislish

Explore an introduction to the eight episodes discussed in the Relationship Workout for Men Podcast season 21 with guest Roni Maislish.

Men, Vulnerable from Birth

Men Vulnerable from Birth” explores the deep-seated societal norms that stigmatize emotional openness in men from early childhood. Drawing insights from clinical social worker Roni Maislish, the article examines how childhood experiences shape men’s emotional and psychological development and calls for a cultural shift towards valuing emotional expression and resilience.

Men Need to Have Purpose

The article “Men Need to Have Purpose,” drawing from the Relationship Workout for Men podcast season 21 episode 2, delves into the profound importance of purpose in men’s lives. It highlights how purpose is not merely a philosophical pursuit but essential for psychological well-being and relationship health. The article explores insights from Roni Maislish on how men, akin to ancient explorers, must embark on journeys of self-discovery and connect their inner motives with external actions to achieve personal growth and deepen communal bonds.

Being Both Tough and Emotionally Strong

In this article, host Vince Vasquez and guest Roni Maislish delve into the complex balance of being both tough and emotionally strong. They discuss the importance of vulnerability, the role of purpose, and how these elements contribute to healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Join them for an insightful conversation that challenges traditional notions of masculinity and explores the path to true strength.

The Impact of Society’s Expectations on Men’s Identities

This article explores how society’s expectations shape men’s identities. It delves into the pressures men face to conform to traditional notions of strength and emotional resilience, highlighting the importance of vulnerability and emotional awareness in personal growth and healthy relationships.

The Role Our Friends and Colleagues Have on Men’s Identities

This thought leadership article explores the significant impact friends and colleagues have on men’s identities, drawing insights from a discussion between Vince Vasquez and psychotherapist Roni Maislish. It emphasizes the importance of nurturing meaningful relationships and choosing close connections wisely to foster personal and emotional growth.

The Role Addictions Play in Men’s Relationships

This article explores the profound impact of addictions on men’s relationships, highlighting how emotional voids and unmet childhood needs drive dependency behaviors. It emphasizes the barriers addictions create to genuine connection and intimacy, and discusses the importance of addressing underlying issues to foster healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Addicted to a Toxic Relationship

This article explores the psychological reasons behind men’s addiction to toxic relationships, emphasizing the role of emotional starvation and objectification. It discusses the importance of self-awareness, empathy, and supportive relationships in breaking free from destructive patterns and building healthier connections.

Lifestyle Medicine

This article explores the concept of lifestyle medicine for men, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to health that includes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It discusses the impact of relationships, environment, and self-care on overall health, highlighting insights from a discussion between Vince Vasquez and psychotherapist Roni Maislish.