Nihinlola Olowe


Nihinlola Olowe is a seasoned psychotherapist with expertise in counselling psychology, offering specialized services in trauma, behavioral modification, and psychological testing, among others. She provides tailored therapy to a diverse clientele, including traumatized children, professionals, families, and couples, as well as individuals facing fertility issues, using a compassionate and scientifically rigorous approach to promote emotional and behavioral recovery.

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Shared Insights

Season 20: Is Infidelity the Right of a Man with Nihinlola Olowe

Dive into the raw and eye-opening season 20 “Is Infidelity the Right of a Man?” with guest psychotherapist Nihinlola Olowe as she navigates the contentious issue of infidelity. This season unpacks the multifaceted aspects of unfaithfulness, from the historical and cultural nuances to its profound effects on wives and children, culminating in a deep dive into recovery and reconciliation.

Season 20 with Nihinlola Olowe Guide

Explore the eight episodes discussed in the Relationship Workout for Men Podcast season 20 with guest Nihinlola Olowe.

Historical, Cultural, and Religious Perspectives on Infidelity

Explore the intricate landscapes of historical, cultural, and religious views on infidelity in this enlightening article from the “Relationship Workout for Men” podcast. Delving into the contentious debate of whether infidelity is a man’s right, the article offers a comprehensive analysis through the lens of psychotherapist Nihinlola Olowe. From the nuances of polygamy in African cultures to the strict monogamous teachings of Christianity and Islam, the article differentiates between consensual polygamous arrangements and the deceitful nature of infidelity, emphasizing that true rights, like freedom of speech, do not involve secrecy or moral conflict.

Societal Norms and Gender Roles Impacting Infidelity

Explore the profound impact of societal norms and gender roles on perceptions and behaviors surrounding infidelity in “Societal Norms and Gender Roles Impacting Infidelity.” This article, drawn from the insights of psychotherapist Nihinlola Olowe in the “Relationship Workout for Men” podcast, delves into how traditional views in African cultures, and globally, uphold a double standard that condones infidelity in men while condemning it in women. Through real-world examples and clinical experiences, the article illuminates the deep-seated hypocrisy and calls for a reevaluation of cultural norms to foster true gender equality in relationships.

Understanding the Psychological Drivers of Infidelity in Men

Explore the intricate psychological and societal factors driving men toward infidelity in this profound article from the “Relationship Workout for Men” series. Psychotherapist Nihinlola Olowe delves into the deep-seated reasons such as emotional dissatisfaction, societal pressures, and the quest for sexual variety, providing a nuanced understanding of why men stray. The article challenges cultural norms and calls for a reevaluation of marital fidelity, aiming to foster healthier, more fulfilling relationships through better awareness and dialogue.

Navigating the Ethical Landscapes of Monogamy and Polygamy

Dive into the ethical quandaries of monogamy and polygamy with episode four of “Relationship Workout for Men,” featuring psychotherapist Nihinlola Olowe. This insightful discussion explores the cultural and legal frameworks that shape relationship dynamics globally, emphasizing the pivotal roles of consent and commitment in both monogamous and polygamous unions. The episode provides a profound examination of how these relationship structures affect personal rights and societal norms, challenging listeners to critically assess their own views on ethical relationships.

Is Infidelity Okay if My Wife Won't Have Sex?

In the thought-provoking article “Is Infidelity Okay if My Wife Won’t Have Sex?” from “Relationship Workout for Men,” Vince Vasquez and psychotherapist Nihinlola Olowe explore the complex issue of sexual intimacy in marriage. They delve into why infidelity is not a justified response to a lack of sexual intimacy, emphasizing the importance of communication and understanding the root causes of a partner’s reluctance. This discussion encourages couples to confront and resolve underlying issues together, rather than turning to extramarital solutions that compound the problem with betrayal and mistrust.

Infidelity’s Impact on Our Wives

Explore the profound emotional and psychological effects of infidelity on wives in the article “Infidelity’s Impact on Our Wives” from the “Relationship Workout for Men” series. Psychotherapist Nihinlola Olowe and host Vince Vasquez discuss how such betrayals shatter trust and security within a marriage, leading to long-lasting scars and severe mental health issues. This in-depth analysis not only reveals the deep turmoil experienced by affected spouses but also challenges societal norms and calls for a greater understanding and responsibility in marital relationships.

Infidelity’s Impact on Our Children: Unseen Victims of Marital Discord

Explore the often-overlooked consequences of infidelity on children in “Infidelity’s Impact on Our Children: Unseen Victims of Marital Discord,” featured in “Relationship Workout for Men.” Psychotherapist Nihinlola Olowe and host Vince Vasquez discuss the profound emotional and psychological toll on children caught in the crossfire of marital strife, revealing how these young victims bear the brunt of conflict without the tools to cope. This article delves into the erosion of trust, emotional distress, and the long-term impact on children’s mental health, urging parents to consider the broader effects of their actions.

Counseling and Recovery After Infidelity: A Path to Healing and Rebuilding Trust

Delve into the crucial role of counseling in healing and rebuilding trust after infidelity in the article “Counseling and Recovery After Infidelity: A Path to Healing and Rebuilding Trust” from “Relationship Workout for Men.” Psychotherapist Nihinlola Olowe and host Vince Vasquez explore how professional guidance creates a safe space for couples to address not only the betrayal but also the underlying issues contributing to the relationship strain. This article provides a roadmap for couples seeking to restore their bonds and offers hope for a stronger, more resilient union.