Relationship Workout Program


Transform your relationship through the Relationship Workout Program:

Stage 1: Assess Overall Fitness
Your Relationship Workout Overall Fitness Assessment evaluates how good your relationship is through a series of five exercises, answering these two fundamental questions:

  • How good do you think your relationship is?
  • How good do you feel your relationship is?

Your Overall Fitness Assessment should take less than ten minutes to complete. The purpose of this overall assessment is to identify core areas that may need strengthening.

You can see the overall results from the Overall Fitness Assessment in your Relationship Workout Status

Stage 2: Focus Core Assessment
Your Relationship Workout Focus Core Assessment identifies the core areas to further assess to more precisely identify strengths and weaknesses in how you and the person you are with approach your relationship together.

Your Focus Core Assessment will likely take 30-60 minutes to complete. The purpose of this core assessment is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your core relationship areas.

You can view the results in your Relationship Workout Dashboard.

Step 3: Insight Driven Action Plan
Build your custom list of insights and recommendations on where you might consider focusing your attention to strengthen your relationship. You can also get a list of recommendations on where the person you are with might consider focusing their attention to strengthen your relationship together. These recommendations are made from your point of view

You have the option to choose how many recommendations you want to focus on. The recommendations will include pointers to resources to help you strengthen the identified core areas that could use some help.

Stage 1:
Assess Overall Fitness

Assess how good
you think and feel your relationship is

Stage 2:
Focus Core Assessment

Identify which core areas to focus your strengthening efforts

Stage 3:
Insight Driven Action Plan

Gain insights and specific suggestions on how to strengthen your relationship