Relationship Workout
for Men Podcast

A podcast dedicated to helping men be intentional
in choosing a better partner and being a better partner to the person they choose.

Adapted from the book "Relationship Workout for Men: The Men's Manual" (available here on Amazon).


Note: Each season is designed to be listened to in episode order, starting with episode 1.

  • In Podcast app tap more options button (Three horizontal dots).
  • Inside popup, tap on Settings – Select “Play in Sequential Order” under EPISODES section.
  • Choose Settings and under Episodes, choose Custom Settings. Change the order of the episodes from ‘Newest to Oldest’ or choose ‘Oldest to Newest’

This link will take you to the Vince’s podcast playlist that is already organized in proper episode order.

You can also just click into the podcast playlist below

In the top right corner, you’ll see two small up and down arrows. Click on them so the down arrow is highlighted. You can also se

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