the quality of your intimate relationship by learning where to focus your efforts to make things better

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Knowledge is power, but action is the catalyst for change

Learn Insights

Enable Action

Compare Points of View

Action is the foundational key to reduce drama

The greatest journey in an intimate relationship is the one we take to better understand and improve ourselves, for it is within our own growth that we find the power to enhance the quality of our connection together.

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Workout Program

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Workout Program

In less than an hour, learn insights and receive recommended actions you and your Person can work on to reduce the drama in your relationship

  • Stage 1: Assess Overall Fitness – Spend less than 10 minutes to discover your relationship’s baseline grade
  • Stage 2: Focus Core Assessment – Built on the Stage 1 Assessment, discover prioritized areas to focus your relationship’s core strength assessment
  • Stage 3: Insight-Driven Actions – Receive insights on actions you and your Person can take to reduce the drama in your relationship

Relationship Workout
Master Class

Learn how to strengthen identified areas of weakness organized around Relationship Workout 5-step workout plan, organized around 16 core areas important to any intimate relationship

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Must-Have Compatibility Check

Discuss and compare how well your Must-Have and Nice-to-Have expectations align with each other


Digitally communicate your point of view with your Person and/or Therapist

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Dating Game

Learn more about each other by sharing your answers to serious to fun to erotic questions

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