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The Relationship Workout Program

Complete the 3-stage Relationship Workout Program to identify core strengths and weaknesses in your relationship, and to receive specific actionable recommendations on changes you and the person you’re with can make to reduce the drama together:

Stage 1: Assess Overall Fitness
Quickly (in less than 10 minutes) grade how good you think and feel your relationship is by completing a series of five exercises. The purpose of this overall assessment is to identify core areas to further assess for potential strengths and weaknesses.

Stage 2: Focus Core Assessment
Leveraging the Stage 1 Overall Assessment, in the Stage 2: Focus Core assessment you’ll identify the core areas to focus your strengthening efforts. This stage should take less than an hour to complete.

Stage 3: Insight Driven Actions: Get specific recommendations on actions you and your partner can take to strengthen your relationship, leveraging the results from Stage 1 and 2 assessments.

Note: These insights are driven from your point of view. You would do well for the person you are with to also completes the Relationship Workout Program so you two can compare insights and perspectives.

A Journey, Not a One and Done

Like working out your body at the gym, strengthening your relationship is a life long endeavor. On at least a monthly basis, consider retaking the Relationship Workout Routine to get up to date insights on what you and the person you are with can work on to strengthen your relationship.

Keep Your Relationship Journal

Make a Journal Entry

Access Your Journal

Make a Journal Entry: Record moments of fun and drama in your day-to-day relationship.

Access Your Journal: Review past journal entries, and access analytics to understand the quality of your relationship and categories of fun versus drama being together.

By keeping your Relationship Journal, you will be able to:

  • Record your moments of fun and drama together to identify patterns of fun and drama in your relationship
  • Recall more accurately what has happened in the past
  • Gain insights on the quality of your relationship by reviewing your journal analytics


Compare with Your Person: Provide access to your point of view with your person to compare both of your points of view.

Share with Your Therapist: Allow your therapist access to your data so that person can more effectively help guide your counseling.

Play the Dating Game

Play the Game

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Follow Your Findings

Play the Game: Have fun asking each other serious to playful to downright erotic questions, as you learn about each other’s likes and dislikes on a journey seeing how compatible you two are.

Follow Your Findings: Keep track of discovered areas of compatibility and incompatibility, so you can discuss these later. Service only available to members.

Learn How to Be a Better Partner

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Take the Master Class

Become a Relationship Black Belt

Master Class Progress
Each step takes approximately
3-4 minutes to complete

Relationship Workout Master Class teaches the core fundamentals everyone could benefit to understand and put into practice to be ever stronger in their intimate relationship. Each Relationship Workout Program insight links to a module in the Master Class to learn more.

Become a Relationship Black Belt: Upon successful completion, you’ll while become a Relationship Workout Black Belt certified to show others you care about being the best partner possible.

Supporting Resources


Check out all the exercises available through the Relationship Workout


View a collection of books organized to help you dive deeper into focus areas


View a library of videos especially curated to help you to be a stronger partner


Virtually connect with a therapist for personal help

Support Groups

Connect with others working through similar relationship challenges


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