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Step 0: Wake Up! is the preparation step for one of the most important endeavors you’ll pursue in your life – finding a strong partner. This step is really about getting yourself to a peaceful place where you can witness and understand your thoughts so you can make strong relationship choices as you don’t fight with What Is – no matter what What Is is.

Aligns with Dating Step 0: Preparing

Relationship Workout Step 0: Wake Up! aligns initially with Dating Step 0: Preparing, which includes the preparation you can do before seriously dating. It’s all about helping you to minimize how often you and your thoughts contribute to adding self-created drama, weakening your relationship game.

Step 0 then applies on an ongoing basis as you progress though all the stages of dating and ultimately into being in a committed relationship, as you continue to minimize the amount of drama you create, while maximizing the fun you have together.

The Mind

Step 1: Compatible? explores how compatible you two really are. It’s recommended that you take the Core Strength exercises in this step before you fall head-over-heals in love with each other, only to discover a black hole of problems caused by some could-have-known-beforehand incompatibilities.

Aligns with Dating Step 1: Open Dating

Relationship Workout Step 1: Compatible? aligns with the questions to consider asking once you two first meet and are in Dating Step 1: Open Dating – getting to know how compatible you are together.

Each point of compatibility brings with it a potential area to have fun together. On the other hand, each point of incompatibility brings with it risk of drama, as you two aren’t aligned in some areas important to each of you.


Dating Intentions

Emotional Availability

Needs & Wants

Passions & Convictions


By Step 2: Partner Material? you’re both happy with your level of compatibility and feel ready to step into dating exclusively. Now it’s time to check out how strong a partnership you two have together.

Aligns with Dating Step 2: Exclusive Dating

Relationship Workout Step 2: Partner Material? aligns with Dating Step 2: Exclusive Dating. At this point of your dating journey, you feel you’re compatible enough to start exclusively dating.

Now, you want to see how much fun versus drama you have being with each other on a regular basis en route to eventually deciding whether to commit for the long term or break up and cut your losses. How kind are you toward each other? Trustworthy? Do you both take ownership when you make inevitable mistakes? How well do you to talk through difficult conversations? These are the types of questions that get answered during this step.








You two have been dating regularly now for quite some time and you’re still together. The compatibility seems to be there, and you two seem to be strong enough partners for each other. At this point, you’re ready to validate that you truly have something special going on together, and to also encourage to you to have the gumption to resolve issues as they arise.

Aligns with Dating Step 3: Relationship Checkup

Relationship Workout Step 3: How Good is it, Really? aligns with the Relationship Checkup dating stage where you validate how good a relationship you really have.

At this point, you may asking yourself one of these fundamental questions:

  • Go Forward, She’s “the One” – you’re ready to make a long term commitment,
  • No-Go, Walk away – so you both can find better partners, or
  • Give it more time – as there’s something special here, but you both need more time to strengthen each of your relationship games.

Comfort with Drama

Analytically Speaking

Emotionally Feeling


Things in General

Step 4: Don’t Quit! is the final step in the Relationship Workout program where you’ve reached the point where you know in your mind and in your heart that you are meant for each other.

Along this journey, you’ve probably learned a great deal about yourself, identified and strengthened weak core relationship areas, and (hopefully) adequately resolved any issues that may have been plaguing your relationship. More important, it just feels great to be together. Basically, you both love each other and the fun you’re having together overshadows whatever drama that creeps in. On the chemistry front, you feel the connected intimacy deepening as you get closer and closer together.

Now your task is to sustain your commitment to yourself to be the strongest partner possible and your commitment to her that you’ll try to be the best possible partner for her.

Oh, and “quit” has left your vocabulary, as your commitment to each other is unbreakable.

Aligns with Dating Step 4: Partners

Relationship Workout Step 4: Don’t Quit! aligns with the final phase in dating where you two have committed to each other for the long term as partners.

At this stage, you apply all the relationship skills you’ve learned doing the Core 12 Relationship Workout and remember that quitting is never an option. With this mind set and attitude as your ally, you’ll discover an endless source of gumption to help you to work through every issue that comes your way.


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