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Compare expectations early before your heart makes it difficult to walkaway from a poorly aligned relationship

Why compare expectations


Comparing expectations early on in dating can be beneficial for several reasons:

Determine Alignment and Compatibility

Comparing expectations helps determine if you and your partner are aligned in terms of your goals, values, and vision for the relationship. It allows you to assess your compatibility and whether you share similar aspirations for the future.

Avoid Misunderstandings

Early clarification of expectations helps prevent misunderstandings and assumptions that can lead to conflicts later on. It provides an opportunity to discuss important topics such as commitment, communication, lifestyle choices, and relationship dynamics.

Establish Boundaries

Comparing expectations allows you to establish healthy boundaries within the relationship. It helps define what is acceptable and comfortable for both partners, fostering a sense of respect, trust, and mutual understanding.

Manage Compatibility Challenges

It can reveal potential areas of incompatibility or differences in expectations that may require further discussion or negotiation. By addressing these early on, you can better manage and navigate any challenges that may arise in the relationship.

Build a Foundation of Open Communication

Comparing expectations encourages open and honest communication from the start. It sets the tone for open dialogue, encourages active listening, and creates a safe space for expressing needs, desires, and concerns.

Drive Long-Term Satisfaction

Actively working on becoming a better partner increases the likelihood of long-term satisfaction in the relationship. It shows that you are willing to put in the effort to continuously learn and adapt, which contributes to the overall happiness and fulfillment of both partners.

Set a Positive Example

By prioritizing personal growth and striving to be a better partner, you set a positive example for others in your life, including your children, friends, and family members. Your dedication can inspire those around you to prioritize their own personal growth in their relationships.

Remember, comparing expectations is not about trying to change or mold each other’s desires but rather understanding and finding common ground. It’s an opportunity to learn more about each other and decide if you are compatible in meeting each other’s needs and building a fulfilling relationship together.

Let us embark on this journey with open hearts and honest minds, comparing our expectations in the early light of love, for it is through understanding that we build a foundation of shared dreams and lasting connection.

- Vince Vasquez

Author of Relationship Workout

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