Men, Get a Clue

Let’s begin with a simple statement: You can date, live with, and marry anyone. The question is, what will be the quality of your relationship day-to-day? Will most of your time together be filled with fun, joy, and love? Or will you be using words like mediocre, miserable, awful, or nightmare when your closest friends ask how it’s going?

In any case, we can all improve how our partners and we show up in our relationships.

To improve the quality of our intimate relationships, we need to ask and answer two fundamental questions:

  • How can you be the best partner possible for her?
  • How can you choose the best partner possible for you?

In this age of physical health and awareness, aren’t we often neglecting the most vital part of our overall wellbeing—the health of our relationship? Imagine that you’ve dreamed of sculpting your body to look and feel great. There’s no doubt that you have the skills and the determination to transform your body from its current state so that cute brunette down the hall notices you.

So, what is your game plan? How are you going to get those abs screaming for attention? You go to the big chain gym down the street and become a member. Then you head over to the vitamin shop at the mall or do a search on Amazon and buy the big jug of whey protein powder to mix with your frozen strawberries and soy milk. Your doctor makes you cough and gives you the green light to hit the weights. A few weeks later, your subscription to “Muscle & Fitness” arrives in the mail, and you pull out the six-week workout plan advertised on the front cover or you’ve subscribed to some cool get-in-shape app. Now you’re ready. The preparations have been made, the supplies are at your disposal, and it’s time to get your butt off the couch and your body into awesome shape.

With all your preparation completed and the path to success drawn out, there should be no excuse not to become a beefcake. Yet the preparation is just the beginning; you still must do the work. Yes, there will be times when you’d rather stay in bed or stare at the television. And through the process, you will no doubt wrestle with feelings ranging from doubt, disappointment, fear, and anxiety to just wanting to give up. However, the life-changing positive rewards will far outweigh anything spinning in your head, tempting you toward mediocrity.

You’ve set a goal, and your success depends on one factor: YOU and your commitment to action and excellence in yourself.

A similar commitment can also be applied to how you approach your intimate relationship. After all, do you want to have an unhappy relationship filled with misery, fighting, ultimately lousy sex (I mean really lousy), and have it all crash and burn into anger, resentment, and a potentially huge alimony and child support bill?

Have you thought about your relationship skills? What are relationship skills anyway?

We go to the gym to strengthen our bodies. We attend school to sharpen our minds. We focus our thoughts on a higher power to propel our spiritual wellbeing. Yet, what do we do to focus our emotions and actions on becoming ever stronger in our intimate relationships?

Put simply, isn’t building a strong intimate relationship one of the most important things you can do in your life? So, what can you do to realize a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a life partner? Where’s your Relationship Gym?

This is what Relationship Workout is all about: Helping men strengthen their relationship skills on a journey to assessing and improving the quality of their intimate relationships.

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