An Introduction to the Podcast Host: Vince Vasquez

You might be wondering what qualifies me to host a podcast aimed at helping men navigate their relationships. My background isn’t in psychology or counseling; in fact, I hold graduate degrees in business and computer engineering. My professional career has largely been in high tech, with a recent focus on business-to-business storytelling. Despite not having a conventional background in relationship advice, my personal experiences have deeply shaped my understanding of relationships.

My Personal Journey

I come from a family where my parents divorced when I was sixteen. I never had the chance to discuss dating or marriage with them. My friends and I, equally clueless, often focused on superficial aspects of dating. Throughout my twenties and thirties, I was stuck in a cycle of meeting women, developing feelings, building hopes for a future, and then breaking up for various reasons.

In my late thirties, I thought I had found my soulmate. However, two years into the relationship, it ended disastrously, leaving me to question my choices and my ability to be a good partner. This introspection led me to realize that my relationships failed either because I was choosing the wrong partners or I wasn’t a good partner—or both.

The Turning Point

This revelation pushed me to explore what makes a good relationship and a good partner. I began to see these questions as ones of quality. I wanted to identify the core attributes that contribute to a high-quality relationship. For example, honesty and trust are fundamental to any successful relationship.

I wasn’t alone in my struggle. Many of my married friends were unhappy or divorced, and my single friends were also wrestling with relationship issues. I saw a need for a resource that could help men understand and improve their relationships, which led me to write *Relationship Workout: The Men’s Manual*.

Writing the Book Relationship Workout

In 2003, with a broken heart, I turned to the self-help section of a bookstore, only to find that most books were written for women. Despite the stereotype that men don’t read relationship books, I believed there was a need for advice tailored to men. I read around 40 books on relationships and related topics, and I decided to consolidate my insights into a format that could help other men.

My Present and Future Hopes

Today, I am happily married with two wonderful sons. After three decades of searching for my person and over fifteen years of being with her, I felt ready to share what I’ve learned. The *Relationship Workout for Men* podcast includes information and insights I wish I had when I started dating seriously.

My hope is that men and women will be more thoughtful in their relationships, asking important questions early on to identify compatibility issues and addressing behaviors that contribute to relationship drama. Ultimately, I invite you to commit to being the best partner you can be, aiming for perpetual fun, joy, and love in your relationship.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let’s work together to strengthen our relationships and become better partners.

Feel free to connect with Vince if you’d like.

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