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Vince Vasquez

Relationship Workout

My journey to start Relationship Workout began in 2002. Yet another relationship had crashed and burned and I was left wondering: “What just happened?” I had thought she was my “soulmate.” How could I have been so wrong about her and about us?

After licking my wounds for a few months, I came to the conclusion that either:

  • I was not being a good partner for the women I was choosing, and/or
  • I was choosing to date women who were not good partners for me.

This early insight began my journey to understand what did it mean to be good (versus bad) in a relationship? And what is a good (versus bad) relationship? Much of what I’ve discovered after hearing stories from countless others, researching the literature and looking honestly into my own stories, I share here at Relationship Workout.


Never Give Up Attitude

Once you’ve made a long-term commitment to another person, life together living as partners truly begins. And as the days...

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