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Vince Vasquez



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Dr. Randy Wyatt

Director of Training, Associate Professor, Psychotherapist

Lucy Janoyan, MHA, NHA

Chief Operating Officer, Inpatient Services/Outpatient Telehealth and Clinics

Dr. Timothy Chou

Former President Oracle Corp,
Stanford University Lecturer

Our Philosophy

A Commitment to Relationship Excellence

Relationship Workout begins with your commitment to relationship excellence. You want a sustainable, high quality relationship with lots of fun, laughter, peace, joy, great sex, and growing love with your special someone.

Of course, every relationship will have to deal with challenges:

  • No two people will be aligned on 100% of everything, 100% of the time, especially when there are children
  • No one is perfect. You will both make mistakes – this is a practically guaranteed
  • Ordinary life will bring unexpected twists and turns to your every day life being together

Yes, you two will comfortably resolve many of these challenges, but others run the risk of turning into various levels of drama.

How much of this drama is too much to sustain a “happy” long-term relationship? 60 percent of married couples are unhappy and over 40 percent get divorced on average in seven to eight years. For these couples who at one point were so much “in love” they decided to get married, the drama and resulting “irreconcilable differences” proved too much of a burden to stay together. The consequences of this decision to divorce, however, are enormous in terms of emotional and financial pain – not to mention the negative impact on the children. And there are no guaranteed greener pastures looming over the horizon.

For those Singles looking for a committed, long-term relationship with their person, with a new date potentially a few clicks away, how do they not waste time dating the wrong people? What questions can they ask, sooner versus later, to help make more informed decisions on who to continue to date and how to let back into the dating pool for someone else to catch? More importantly, how can they feel even more confident that they have found their person?

To address these challenges, Relationship Workout is built on three foundational pillars:

Facilitate better communications – We all know communications is important in any relationship, but the reality is maintaining good communications in an intimate relationship is challenging given

  • We all get extremely busy with jobs, kids and the never ending list of things to do
  • Most of us have limited skills on being good communicators, especially during the inevitable, emotionally charged difficult conversations

Access to the information – Peter Drucker famously said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” In many other facets of our lives, we receive data to help us improve how we manage those things important to us from wearing devices to measure our fitness and sleep to receiving notifications when suspicious activity occurs on our credit cards. However, in arguably one of the most important aspects of our lives – our intimate relationships – in many ways we’re driving blind. Tragically, many don’t realize their relationships are at risk of break-up until it’s too late.

Measure the quality of your relationship – If we’re committed to relationship excellence – being the best partner possible –then this begs the need to know how well we’re doing and what can we work on to improve how we show up in our intimate relationship in a way that is easily actionable. Here Relationship Workout offers many ways to measure relationship quality:

  • Start with receiving a simple A – F grade measurement on the relationship – available within less than 10 minutes
  • Receive specific insights on what to work on to improve – available within an hour of using Relationship Workout and through your partner sharing information through the journal
  • Track your fun-to-drama ratio, which research shows having a ratio of 5 is key to maintaining a stable relationship
  • Receive up to date 5-star ratings from your partner on how your person is feeling about the relationship, so there are no surprises about how things are really going

These three pillars provide a foundation to reduce the drama in your relationship, so you have more time, energy and desire to have more fun together – to facilitate our commitment to relationship excellence on our journeys to being the best partners we can be.