Relationship Gym

An AI-powered suite of tools designed to help you
assess and improve the quality of your intimate relationship

Welcome to Your Relationship Gym


how good your relationship is
as a foundational step to improving it


the quality of your relationship by learning where to focus efforts to make things better


others you care
about being a better partner

Your Relationship Gym

Your Person(s)

Track the quality of your relationship
with one or more persons

Must-Have Check

Check compatibility by comparing
must-have expectations

Relationship Dashboard

A single view of how your relationship is going and what to work on

Relationship Trends

View the quality of your relationship over time and the strength of your Relationship's Demon

Baseline Grade

Establish a starting point for how good you and your person think and feel is your relationship together

Rate Your Day

Reduce surprises sharing how you really feel about being together today

The Relationship Workout
3-Stage Program

In 10 minutes, grade your relationship
In an hour, get personalized recommendations on what to work on

with Your Partner

Share and compare digitally both of your points of view on your relationship's strengths and weaknesses

with Your Therapist

Allow your therapist access to your Relationship Workout information to inform and enhance counseling

Keep Your
Relationship Journal

Record your fun- and drama- filled moments together, and view where you tend to have more fun and drama

Learn to Be a Better Partner
through the Master Class

Receive badges for completing lessons.
Earn all badges to become Relationship Workout Black Belt Certified

Play the Compatibility

Have fun asking serious to playful to downright erotic questions on a journey to learning more about each other

Gym Toolset

Receive Personalized Recommendations

With the Relationship Workout Program

Within 10-minutes,
get a grade – from A to F – for how good your relationship is

Within an hour,
receive recommendations on what you can do to improve it

And receive how-to strategies,
all personalized to you and done in private

Record Your Experiences

With the Relationship Workout Journal and Daily Rating

Track your progress, identify patterns and lay the groundwork for improved communication and drama resolution

Track Progress and Trends

With Journal Analytics and Your Relationship Trends

Track, analyze, and monitor how your relationship is doing to raise awareness, detect issues early and enable goal setting

Show Others You Care

Display to others you care about being a better partner, demonstrating your commitment to personal growth

Determine core compatibility alignment early on to help avoid misunderstandings and spending time dating the wrong people

Share to compare points of view with your Person and Therapist to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen connection

45 percent image

Don't waste time
dating the wrong people

45 percent image

Don't inject toxic drama
into your committed relationship

Strengthen your relationship skills.

Be intentional in choosing a better partner and being a better partner to the person you choose.

Reduce the drama in your relationship, so you have more time and energy to have more fun and happiness together.


Join Relationship Fitness for Men

Make it a priority to get your Relationship Workouts in and strengthen your relationship skills to reduce the drama and increase the happiness for yourself, your partner, and your family.

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